Hyster offers a comprehensive range of material handling equipment.

Hyster Product Range

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Hyster Product-Range

H4.0-5.5FT Series

4.0-5.5 Tonne Counter Balance Series Lowering operation costs in all types of applications is what the Hyster H4.0-5.5FT FortisTM series does best. Approximately 70% of industrial lift truck downtime results from problems with the powertrain, electrical system, cooling system or hydraulic system. With the H4.0-5.5FT, many of these mechanical issues become a thing of the past as design advances have reduced downtime by up to 30%.    

Hyster H4.0-5.5FT-Series

H135-155FT Series

6000-7000 KG The H135-155FT is more than a new lift truck series. It represents a transformation in how lift trucks are designed, built & acquired. Drawing on Hyster Company’s legacy of strength, durability and toughness the Fortis concept simplifies lift truck purchases with two-tiered system of preconfigured engine-transmission bundles.

Fortis means you maximise your purchasing power by buying only the features you need for you application. Using a truck from the H135-155FT series means low cost of operations, dependability and owning a unit that’s still going strong long after the day’s work is done.  

Hyster H135-155FT

XT Series

H1.5-3.5XT (1500-3500 KG) The Hyster XT range represents a breakthrough in how lift trucks are designed, built and acquired. It starts with a commitment to quality and dependability, incorporating proven design processes and systems to deliver a class-leading product.

For the development of the product range, Hyster invested heavily in the best virtual, bench and field-testing equipment and processes in the industry and has ensured that only components of the highest quality are included in the truck. In addition, investments have been made in state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and processes to ensure unmatched Hyster quality. 

Hyster H1.5-3.5XT-Series