K-Line Ag

K-Line Ag

K-Line Ag is an Australian-owned company that offers farm machinery equipment to the global market.


The K-Line Ag MAXXRIPPER® is the answer to your soil compaction issues. After years of no-till conservation practices, a need for deep tillage equipment has arisen. Manufactured for breaking hard pans and deep tillage application, the MaxxRipper loosens up tough, compact soil to prepare it for planting. Our deep ripper has deep ripping tynes to break up compacted soils to a depth of approx. 600mm (23”).



The Speedtiller® by K-Line Ag is a high-performing dual purpose disc-tillage machine used for soil conditioning with superior penetration. Ideal for high-speed disc tillage, it can efficiently cut, size and incorporate high levels of crop residue increasing the carbon content in your soil. Soil erosion from wind and water is drastically reduced by the Speedtiller’s excellent incorporation ability.